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Let's Talk TEA -

History, Etiquette, and Faux Paux
Tea time is an honored tradition of refinement and elegance.  Learn the history of tea and the do’s and don’ts of taking tea.

Health Benefits
Tea is a natural product.   Few, if any, chemicals are added during the process from picking to sipping.  Tea is full of antioxidants, enzymes, polyphenols, etc.   Learn the difference between tea and herbal infusions.

A Celebration for Children
Just like a birthday party has a theme, its fun to pick a theme for your child’s tea party.  Make sure the children know that this is a special occasion.   It encourages their best behavior.  You don’t need to have a tea party.  The point is to provide opportunities to encourage children to practice good manners.

Learn the history and process of tea production along with tasting several white, green, oolong and black teas. 

Traditions in England
Tea arrived in England in the mid 1600’s by the Dutch East India Company but remained a drink of aristocrats only until the1650’s when coffeehouses introduced tea as an alternative to coffee and hot chocolate.   Tasting tea the English way is included.

Traditions in Russia
It is estimated that 98.5% of Russians are tea drinkers.  For Russians, drinking tea is much like driving for Americans. 
Tea drinking is done for business, for pleasure and all the time. At home or in a teashop, tea for Russians is still equivalent to the warmth of friendship and romantic love.  Tasting tea the Russian way is included.

A Celebration for Two or Twenty
Healthy, easily prepared and enjoyed by all ages, tea is the ideal beverage for parties, large or small, all year round.  Today’s tea parties lend themselves to a host of formal or casual celebrations such as  bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, retirement parties, reunions, etc.  Learn how to plan a tea party for two and a tea buffet for more or fundraisers.   Reason for having a tea party:  Friendship, introduction, meet new people, celebration, or just because…

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