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“Tea time is an honored tradition of refinement and elegance”

The Joy of Taking Tea
 The joy of taking tea has become a ritual for those who need a respite for one, a treat for two or a party for more.  To sit and have a cup of tea is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself.  It is not the actual drinking of tea but the ritual of the boiling water, preparing the tea and patiently waiting and anticipating some quiet time.  It is an opportunity to think about whom and what is important.  It invites you to seek beauty in friends, nature and change.  It is a gesture of hospitality that is universal.  It slows you down from your hectic pace and gives you a chance to take a deep breath and relax. 

Tea clears the mind, lifts the heart and soothes the soul.
So, sit back, relax and have a cup of tea.

Miss Rosemarie's Special Teas

Special Tea


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